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Make your child smarter and creative with Rubiks Puzzles and Graphic Design Programs

Learn from the Record holding Top speedcubers in the world , practice compete and participate in world level competitions.

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Your Child's Guide to Intelligence and creativity!

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Want Your Child to Experience Holistic Learning?

Help your child become a skill-wiz. These skills are embedded within you from the start. We at XOOG help you to re-discover and foster it

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A Learning Approach to Activate and Develop your Child's Brain

 At Xoog we work to activate and develop the left and right brain of a child.

We aim to nourish children’s untapped potential, leading them to carve out their own future.

Left Brain For Rubiks

The left brain is known to be called as “digital brain” as it carries out all the math workload, logical, linear thinking and verbal functions

Thus, learning to solve different types of Rubik’s cubes with a simple formula sharpens your brain. 

Right Brain For Digital Art

Being referred to as the “analogue brain”, the right brain is more visual and creative. 

It’s the part of the brain where your creativity blooms and all your potential for arts, music, imagination, visualization, and intuition resides in. 

Digital Art aims to activate and hone all these qualities

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Enhance your Child'd Brain with Xoog

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Our main motive is to nourish the young minds so that they can shine at what they’re born for.

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XOOG concentrates on sharpening your existing skills and helps discover your own hidden potential. In short, we assist you to show your unique self to the world.

Yes, maths is involved. But chill, we are here to make it simple and understandable.